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Island Vibes

vibes of the island

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Never Fully Clean Your Kitchen

I made a big mess in the kitchen today and mostly cleaned it up

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Wokest Brand 2016

honoring achivement in #woke #brands

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E•MO•TION Side B Has Broken Me

I no longer think of half-hours as units of time, but as units of E•MO•TION: Side B

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Look At This Good Dog

a look at a dog that is good

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The Good Youtubes Zone

youtube videos that last forever

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Frank Ocean's mom is right

a discussion of how true the "Be Yourself" voicemail is

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The Harambe meme is shitty

a depressing essay about something people find funny online

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What do the ratings mean?

explanation of the rating system on posts

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This website is made out of cardboard

also... love

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