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Frank Ocean's mom is right

The fourth track on Blond is a voicemail from Frank's mom* warning him about drugs and alcohol. I'm pretty sure it's the most skipped track on the album! It's stressful!! She's also completely correct.

Many college students have gone to college and gotten hooked on drugs, marijuana, and alcohol.

So many kids didn't use that stuff, went to college, and started to to use all the stuff. No lies yet.

Listen, stop trying to be somebody else. Don't try to be someone else. Be yourself and know that that's good enough. Don't try to be someone else. Don't try to be like someone else, don't try to act like someone else, be yourself. Be secure with yourself. Rely and trust upon your own decisions. On your own beliefs.

All good advice!

It's easy to be skeptical about this part. The peer-pressure anti-drug narrative proved completely ineffectual at getting kids to stop drugs. I mean, it's completely contradictory: "don't do something just because someone else tells you it's cool, unless that person is me". That said, this is mom, and

You understand the things that I've taught you. Not to drink alcohol, not to use drugs.

There's no lie here, in any case. D.A.R.E. stuff might have done nothing to stop folks from actually using drugs, but think about it: if you hadn't seen someone else use drugs, would you have started using drugs? She's right.

Don't use that cocaine or marijuana because that stuff is highly addictive.

On a medical level weed isn't addictive in the same way cocaine and alcohol are, but! She's not talking about medially! When you smoke pot, don't you want to use it again? That counts as addictive. Considering how much people use it, I'd call it highly addictive!!

When people become weed-heads they become sluggish, lazy, stupid and unconcerned. Sluggish, lazy, stupid and unconcerned. That's all marijuana does to you, okay?

Where is the lie?

This is mom.

Another true statement.

Unless you're taking it under doctor's control. Then it's regulated.

There are people who use marijuana to regulate pain, and this is a cool good thing. I'm glad that Frank's mom is catching on to the evolving attitudes about pot in our society. This isn't a knee-jerk, drugs-are-always-bad message.

Do not smoke marijuana, do not consume alcohol, do not get in the car with someone who is inebriated

She's so right about the car stuff!! Driving inebriated has killed thousands of folks and it's a fucked up thing to do.

This is mom, call me, bye

You should call your mom.

*Not actually Frank's mom. It's Rosie Watson, the mom of one of his friends, but I like to lie.

a discussion of how true the "Be Yourself" voicemail is

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