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Never Fully Clean Your Kitchen

It's easy to leave a kitchen dirty. You just walk out of the room, and you'll find that everything else still works the same and you can just live your life. Until you need to cook again. That's a bummer.

So clean your kitchen, enough that you can use it to make food again, but that's it! If you leave a splash you spilled somewhere, or a dish or jar of spices out, that's not a problem. You'll clean it up or put it away one of the many future times you'll use your kitchen.

Think of the tiny mess you leave behind as a promise. You're telling your kitchen: "I'm going to be back for that later". To fully clean a kitchen is to say that you're leaving it for good!

Constantly scrubbing a kitchen spotless will only confuse it, it'll never know if you're truly gone. When you leave behind a little mess the kitchen can look at it and say "of course they'll be back, they need to clean up this mess". The kitchen can rest easy, and do it's kitchen things.

And yes, you will be back. You need to eat, and therefore need to cook. The mess will get cleaned up, and you'll make new ones. Oh, and you'll also create lots of delicious food.

I made a big mess in the kitchen today and mostly cleaned it up

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