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What do the ratings mean?

Every post on this site receives a rating that reflects my feelings about it. They are not meant to be taken seriously, but by considering how I feel about my post you can receive a fuller understanding of what the post means. I mean, you already know what the post means to you, and now you can understand what the post means to me. There are many ways to look at posts!

Perhaps too many! If you look at my posts from too many angles at once, they will possibly become meaningless!! More so!!! If this happens, I encourage you to CHILL  OUT.

Find something relaxing to do! Pour a drink, put on some good tunes, find a good vibe. Get comfy, grab a snack, and think about anything but my posts. Don't think about them! They will remain on the internet, if you ever feel the need to read them again.

So yea, that's why I put ratings on my posts.

explanation of the rating system on posts

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